About us


About us

Welcome to a company which started as a dream in 2000, yet with the help and support of our mother company JAF Tunisia, MIMC became reality in Morocco since 2001. With patience and determination, Moumene International Moving Company becomes one of the reliable companies around the world in the moving industry. Welcome again to our world; where your comfort is the most important challenge.

Moumene International Moving Company located in Rabat, Kenitra & Casa one of the major cities of Morocco. We are a one-stop solution to all your moving needs. From packing to delivering, we offer a full range of related Services and Solutions at a very competitive rate.

Our services are tailored to each of our clients’ specific requirements and budgets without compromising our service standards. We will efficiently, safely, and economically carry all your ‘moving burdens’ on our shoulders, from your original location to your new destination. We have commissioned a wide range of machinery and equipment to efficiently deal with all types of move-related situations.

We are relocation experts with a range of professional and cultural backgrounds.
As, we are controlled by international relocation guideline terms, your comfort and your Belongings’ safety are our priority. More than that, we are committed to provide you with the best level of care and services during the entire relocation.

We understand that your personal belongings are very precious and memory carrying to you and your family members. Unlike relocation and cargo companies, we will not treat them as products or commodities. Rather, we will cherish the shape and unique value of your goods.
Our numerous 5-star feedbacks, multi-country service, standards of services (every city in Morocco), as well as our reliable global partners make Moumene International Moving Company the best choice of private customs, cooperators and local movers in Morocco.

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