New opening

New opening

Name : Mohamed Sallah Moumene
President of Moumene International Moving Company
Address : 5. Bd Abdallah Ben Yacine N°1 Casablanca-Morocco
Casa Phone : +212 522 300 138
Web :
Email :

MIMC Launches New Customer Support Office in Casablanca

Date June 3rd 2022, Moumene International Moving Company provider of moving industry services, is pleased to announce the official opening of its service support office in Casablanca.

Mohamed Sallah Moumene is managing Casablanca, Rabat as well as Kenitra offices, “Casablanca was an essential choice for us and for our customers,” says Mohamed. “And because Casablanca is the biggest city, has the principal port, and is the economic capital of Morocco, our worldwide customers can get in touch with us easily—all they have to do for an efficient service is to e-mail us or simply call us — and our CASA office will give an immediate answer” he explains.

The Casablanca office serves as the Head Office Rabat and Storage Facility Kenitra. “To continue providing competitive moving rates, storage solutions, local orientation services, transportation, office move, pet relocation, crane rental operation Etc…, our head office will remain in Hassan/Rabat, as well as in our storage facility in Kenitra,” explains CEO Mohamed S. Moumene. “We will also continue providing the best moving services as we have always been doing to help our customers. Our Casablanca office is specifically and solely designed to facilitate access to our services and needs for Casablanca and nearby region’s clients.” Also, according to Mohamed, worldwide companies seeking to expand into Casablanca or other Moroccan cities may now contact MIMC through its Casablanca office. “While our main goal is to ensure that our existing clients get the timely service and support they need, we also wish to extend a warm welcome to all companies seeking expert international/national moving services,” he says. “Here, in our Casa office, we are equipped to guide companies, Embassies as well as corporate customers through the process of launching their shipments or delivering their belongings into their destinations.

About Moumene International Moving Company

Founded in 2001, MIMC is a Moroccan-based provider of moving services and transportation. MIMC provides a protected storage facility and storage solutions to its customers. Services include export/import shipment, airfreight shipment, local move, office move and pet move and local orientation services, as well as forwarding and crane rental operation. For additional information, please visit Moumene International Moving Company Website: Or follow our social media platforms;

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